Voting system for a small session - Prototypes

Internship project, spring 2012



voting system; MCU; XBee; PCB; embedded system


The goal is to analyse the possibilities, propose solution and make an operational prototype of the device (set of devices) providing help with voting procedures. The environment of a "small session" can be represented by a council of the local student club (few members) or the academic senate of the school (few tens of members).

The whole system could consist of "identifying (RFID, code or just position) and voting" devices (one per member) and central unit capable of distinguish the individual devices, members and their votes. It will also provide control about questions entered (by a chairman) and answers (votes) collected. The system can be extended with displaying unit (questions/state of voting/results) and can be able to communicate with PC.

In this first stage "Prototypes" there are the modelling of this system and the choice of the various components constituting. First prototypes of one receiver (central "server" part) and one transmitter (voting device) should be made. Tests should be done to validate the basic operation of prototypes.


As a result of this work we have two prototypes of printed board circuit populated with components. These boards have passed basic tests of operation and are ready for future work towards determined goal. Result of this work can be used as a foundation stone for future development of the fully-fledged voting system as well as an educational or development board for conducting research on XBee wireless systems.


TX scheme TX layout TX photo
Fig.1: transmitter - scheme Fig.2: transmitter - PCB layout Fig.3: transmitter - photo
RX scheme RX lyout RX photo
Fig.4: receiver - scheme Fig.5: receiver - PCB layout Fig.6: receiver - photo



No similar device has been known in the time of creation of this work. Added ability of receiver to act as a XBee module communicator/programmer makes this device useful also for future research on wireless platforms not only connected with the voting system.

Location of the devices

All devices resulted from this work is located in an office of Jan Pospíšil, A-934, FIT - CTU, Thákurova 9, 160 00 Praha 6, Czech Republic.

In Prague, 12. 11. 2012
Jan Pospíšil