Resynth: circuit resynthesis by parts


Resynth is a tool for circuit optimization using iterative resynthesis by parts. Unlike in classical resynthesis, where the circuit is iteratively resynthesized as whole (100%), Resynth optimizes only parts of a circuit at a time. Surprisingly, such resynthesis yields better results than the state-of-the-art 100% resynthesis.

Main Features

  • The circuit is resynthesized by parts of a customizable size
  • The very resynhtesis can performed by any tool, provided that the input and output formats are both BLIF
  • The executable serves as the top-level application
  • Very scalable - the scalability mostly depends on scalability of the resynthesis process
  • Possibility of multi-objective optimization - for area, delay, or both
  • Compatible with SIS, MVSIS, ABC (input/output format is BLIF)