COMET - COmbo Ethernet Tester

COMET - COmbo Ethernet Tester


This implementation shows usage of COMBO-LXT card as an Ethernet tester for speeds above 10 Gb/s. The COMBO-LXT card (containing FPGA Virtex-5) and adapted NetCOPE project were used as the main im plementation plafrom. This project was developed during Liberouter project at CESNET z.s.p.o. This work is desrcribed in detail in my diploma thesis [pdf] and CESNET technical report [pdf].

Author: Pavel Benacek
Supervisor: Stepan Friedl



Source codes and firmware for COMBOv2 LXT155-10G2 card are available upon request (


  1. Ethernet tester for High-Speed networks - diploma thesis [pdf]
  2. CESNET technical report - COMET---COMBO Ethernet Tester [pdf]
  3. Liberouter - research group [link]
  4. INVEA-TECH - COMBOv2 card [link]