BOOM-II: the PLA minimizer


Fully functional version of BOOM can be downloaded here free of charge.

Minimum Requirements

  • Intel Pentium compatible processor
  • Windows 95 or higher
  • Memory requirements depend on the processed problem size

License Agreement

This Software is available as freeware. It is available for use by end users. Distributing, renting or selling the Software or any of its parts to third parties is strictly prohibited. You may modify the Software only within your corporation or organization.
The author of the program, as well as the Czech Techincal University in Prague, will not be responsible for any damages of any kind associated with the use, misuse or distribution of this Software.


If you publish some results obtained by this tool, you should mention one of the following papers in the References:
  • Fišer, P. - Kubátová, H.: Two-Level Boolean Minimizer BOOM-II, Proc. 6th Int. Workshop on Boolean Problems (IWSBP'04), Freiberg, Germany, 23.-24.9.2004, pp. 221-228
  • Fišer, P. - Hlavička, J. - Kubátová, H.: FC-Min: A Fast Multi-Output Boolean Minimizer, Proc. 29th Euromicro Symposium on Digital Systems Design (DSD'03), Antalya (TR), 1.-6.9.2003, pp. 451-454
  • Fišer, P. - Hlavička, J.: BOOM - a Boolean Minimizer. Research Report DC-2001-05, Prague, CTU Publishing House, June 2001, 37 pp.
  • Hlavička, J. - Fišer, P.: BOOM - a Heuristic Boolean Minimizer. Proc. International Conference on Computer-Aided Design ICCAD 2001, San Jose, California (USA), 4.-8.11.2001, pp. 439-442

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Download BOOM 2.7 for Win32

The sourcecodes are available upon request.

Other than Win32 versions of BOOM 2.7 are not available.


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