Tcl/Tk Support for ABC


The TCL/Tk ABC (A System for Sequential Synthesis and Verification designed by Berkeley Logic Synthesis and Verification Group) suppport enables executing individual ABC commands in TCL scripts and evaluating their responses.
The Tk support enables interacive execution of ABC commands.

Main Features

  • Based on the Expect package
  • Needs not be integrated into ABC (and vice versa) - the TCL scripts work directly with ABC binary
  • The Tcl/Tk script and ABC run simultaneously; there is no need to restart ABC after executing each command
  • Possibility of "automated" inetraction with ABC - e.g., evaluating circuit statistics inside Tcl scripts, without need to restart ABC
  • Forward compatible with newer versions of ABC. New commands in new ABC versions must be implemented manually. Hovewer, they still can be executed using old TCL ABC versions
  • Platform independent