Resynth: circuit resynthesis by parts

Program Manual - Resynth ver. 3.2 (March 2013)

Command-line syntax

Resynth [options] source.blif result.blif


-m x Select the window selection method: 0 = random (default)
1 = minimize fanin
2 = minimize fanout
3 = minimize sum of fanin and fanout
4 = radius extract
5 = imfs-like windowing
-size n How large windows are resynthesized (for -m 4 and 5). Infinity is default.
-sizelimit n The window size limit. Constant number of nodes, if >1, percentage of the circuit size otherwise. 1 is default
-impr x Only better results are accepted. Optimize for the number of: 0 = nodes (default)
1 = literals
2 = levels
3 = nodes and levels
4 = levels in final network
5 = nodes and level in final network
-c n The number of iterations (infinite is default)
-cec Equivalence checking is performed after every iteration

Resynthesis script

The resynthesis script is stored in the resyn.bat file. Any script can be used, provided that the source file (generated by the Resyn executable) is named to_resyn.blif and the destination file (read by the Resyn executable) is named form_resyn.blif.
An example 2-input gates mapping script for ABC is provided in the release, see the Download section.